Spiral Cable is used widely for its easy operation of application under limit space. The company was named after it from the very beginning, for its positive reputation in the market. As the company strong item, its spiral cable is featured as excellent resilience performance and long last flex life. The company aims to provide customers the one-stop solution of cable and wire requirement. Besides spiral cable, the company manufacture Hook-up wire, Flat ribbon cable, Communication cable, Curly cord, etc.

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What’s New

Updated news: more equipments were introduced for spiral cable manufacturing.

To further back up the growing market demand, our company brings in more heating oven equipments for the spiral cable coiling process.

News of polyurethane cable to stand high temperature.

As the leading spiral cable manufacturer, the company keeps exploring supreme quality products for our customers. With effort of the R&D team, we successfully develop the kind of polyurethane cable to withstand higher temperature application. 

News of Cable type with excellent dielectric strength

As the leading cable manufacturer, the company tries its effort to bring the best products to the customers. mPPE cable, referred to modified Polyphenylene Ether jacketed cable, is a kind of quality cable. It creates the excellent dielectric strength, as compared to other kinds of jacketed cables.

News: website of spiral-cable is open, welcome to visit and drop the inquiry.

Spiral Cable Manufacturing Factory is the professional factory of providing whole solution to need of cable and wire. Its spiral cable products are famous for the reliable quality, strong resilience and long last flex life. The factory processes the cable and wire extrusion.

Updated news: Halogen-free cable family to include more types.

The company is leading manufacturer of halogen-free cable. All halogen-free cable use (only) very high purity copper wires as conductors. Higher purity of copper conductors is very important to ensure good and stable electrical performance. Halogen-free cable is very environmental and eco-friendly product.

Good news: engineer obtains solution to extremely short flat ribbon cable.

Engineer finds out solution to successfully cut & strip extremely short length of flat ribbon cable. Usually, the cutting and stripping of short length flat ribbon cable will cause the damage of cable insulation body easily. The defect was out of control

Manufacturing Procedures

(1) Raw straight cable is fixed upon the coiling facility, rolled to be the spiral shape. …
(2) The coiled Spiral Cables with steel rods are placed into the electrical oven, heating for …
(3) Spiral Cable will be measured according to the original drawing design. …

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