What are the procedures of Spiral Cable manufacturing?

There are mainly four steps of the Spiral cable manufacturing procedure.

(1) Raw straight cable is fixed upon the coiling facility, rolled to be the spiral shape. In this step, the size of the steel rod is chosen & critical. Small cable will be applied with small steel rod, while big cable will be applied with relatively big steel rod.

(2) The coiled Spiral Cable with steel rods are placed into the electrical oven, heating for tens of minutes until the Spiral shape is formed. After taking out from the oven, the Spiral Cable will be coiled once again, but to the opposite direction.

(3) The Spiral Cable is almost done after the re-coiled operation. Now the Spiral Cable will be measured according to the original drawing design. The straight ends are cut to the required length per request.

(4) The last step is to visual check Spiral Cable, and pack it into transparent plastic bag one by one. There should be no dirt, gas bubbles, sink marks, or floating lines upon the surface of Spiral Cable.

Finally, the perfect artwork of Spiral Cable is done.