News of Cable type with excellent dielectric strength


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mPPE cable, referred to modified Polyphenylene Ether jacketed cable, is a kind of quality cable.

It creates the excellent dielectric strength, as compared to other kinds of jacketed cables.

As the market demand grows, mPPE cable becomes more and more popular among the customers.

In the market, mPPE cable is famous for its remarkable properties, such as:

– Excellent dielectric strength performance;

– Eco-friendly, jacket material is completely recyclable;

– compact structure with reduced insulation or jacket wall thickness.

The series of mPPE cable has a wide application range, including:

– Process automation industry;

– Machine building industry;

– Transportation industry;

– Energy industry;

– Robotics industry.

mPPE cable is available in the below shielding options for different application condition:

– No shielding;

– Aluminum foil or Clear mylar;

– Spiral copper wire wrapped;

– Bare or tinned copper wire braided.

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